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Inventory Management Data Analyst

Αθήνα Fulltime
Περιγραφή θέσης εργασίας:

Company Profile

Alfa Beta is one of the largest retail chain with 298 Super Markets, 16 Cash & Carry, 150 franchise stores and over 14 000 employees.
Alfa Beta Vassilopoulos is a member of Ahold Delhaize Group that operates a network of 21 companies in 3 continents (11 countries), 375 000 employees and is trusted by more than 50 million customers on a weekly basis.

Position Requirements

Prepares physical inventory results on a timely basis for distribution to management. Presents the findings or translates the data into an understandable document by writing complex ideas in a structured, clearly and simple way
Works with large amounts of data, facts, figures, and analyses the data to find conclusions. Evaluates the numbers, trends, and data to come to new conclusions and interprets data and analyses results using statistical techniques
Performs daily, weekly & monthly analysis and presents findings where improvement areas are expected
Works closely with Managers or other Department Heads e.g. Stores & Commercial Operations in order to ensure data understanding and to provide business proposals and information needed
Supports planning team with relevant proposals
Maintains accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures

Candidate Profile

Master’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration or any other relevant field
2-4 years of related work experience in a well-known Consulting Firm and/or in relevant areas of a large Greek or Multinational company
Fluency in English language, both written and spoken
Excellent knowledge of MS Office (especially excel) and statistical packages for analyzing datasets
Knowledge of SAP BW, MM/RETAIL/FICO is also an asset
Strong results and customer orientation
Advanced analytical skills with emphasis on numerical skills & data analysis
Very good planning and organizing skills, with emphasis on working under pressure
Very good communication skills
Teamwork and cooperation

The company offers a competitive remuneration package and excellent career prospects

Contact Details
On line quoting reference: (ref: INV_ANALYST)

Address: 81, Spaton Ave.
Zip code: 153 44
City: Gerakas – Attiki

All applications will be treated as confidential

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