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SAP Business One Senior Developer

Αθήνα Fulltime
Περιγραφή θέσης εργασίας:

With experience of 19 years and more than 300 successful implementations, Project One is capable of choosing SAP Business One as the perfect ERP and advanced reporting solution. Furthermore, as the first company worldwide, Project One developed Maritime One, an End-To-End Solution for Maritime Industry based on SAP Business One. Commitment is the connection between our values intentions and our actions. Mission of Project One’s senior team is to provide to Greek and Foreign Companies the appropriate expertise to optimize their operations and ensure them a long-term sustainable growth with SAP Business One.
If you want to join a dynamic and experienced team this position is ideal for you.

• Design and develop SAP BUSINESS ONE Add-ons and Crystal Reports
• Maintain and enhance existing SAP BUSINESS ONE Add-on and Customizations
• Work with SAP functional analysts and Operations business analysts to formalize specifications for custom development
• Monitor and maintain test environments
• Design and implement technical solutions for conversions, interfaces, enhancements, reports, forms and work-flows
• Provide technical support for SAP sub-processes/sub-modules supporting corporate clients, including routine systems operation support; diagnose and fix system problems;
• Respond to end-user problems
• Document and perform unit, string, integration, and regression testing in support of new implementations and releases
• Review and Test System Upgrades
• Keep manager or team lead informed of significant cross-team, cross-functional issues and/or significant technical challenges as appropriate. Proactively work to solve these issues while including the key functional and/or business stakeholders
• Provide assistance to out off-site team as needed

• Higher education in Information Technology (IT) or equivalent
• Ability to analyze the data and data structures
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
• Advanced skills with data analysis and problem solving
• Advanced skills and knowledge of technical documentation
• Strong analytical abilities, communication and interpersonal skills
• Strong time management skills, ability to multi-task and work in a team environment
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills with a strong focus on customer facing interaction, customer service, and presentation
• Self-starter with leadership qualities who can work independently and in teams on tasks and projects with limited supervision
• Ability to provide quality business solutions within compressed time-lines and delivery dates
• Previous experience with at least 1 (one) full life-cycle implementation experience
• Desire to learn new modules/sub-modules related SAP technology

4+ years working experience using a variety of web development tools, including .NET framework using C#, SQL, JavaScript front end frameworks, HTML5
• Familiarity with source control such as GIT or TFS
• Experience with unit testing
• Working knowledge of Visual Studio
• Experience in SAP Business One or other ERP solutions will be considered an asset
• Expert at database concepts, SQL language and Crystal Reports

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Project One

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