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Πανελλήνια [N/A]

SIA Group is a European leader in the design, creation and management of technology infrastructures and services for Financial Institutions, Central Banks, Corporates and the Public Sector, in the areas of payments, cards, network services and capital markets, providing services to over 50 countries.   For our Operations in Greece we currently are looking for a Systems Requirement Analyst in order to strengthen our IT Development Department.   The jobholder...

... is responsible for:

Serving as the conduit between the customer community (internal and external customers) and the software development team through which requirements flow
Developing requirements specifications according to guidelines
Understanding software development lifecycle and payments processing
Taking part in sessions/ meetings in order to better understand business needs and be able to document them
Eliciting requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshops, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, business analysis, task and workflow analysis
Translating business needs into functional and non-functional requirements for the IT organization, and manages changes to such requirements
Working in cooperation with various teams in the IT organization such as developers, architects test analysts and project managers
Performing additional job duties as required
Working on moderately complex projects with moderate to high breadth of responsibility


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Αθήνα [citycampus.gr]

Το Citycampus.gr αναζητά νέες και νέους για να στελεχώσουν το τμήμα επικοινωνίας και διαφήμισης του site. Στα καθήκοντα του/της βοηθού είναι η προώθηση των δράσεών του citycampus και η προώθηση διαφημιστικού χώρου σε συνεργαζόμενες εταιρείες και οργανισμούς. Απαραίτητα...

... Προσόντα:

Επικοινωνιακή άνεση
Διαπραγματευτικές ικανότητες
Ομαδικότητα - συνεργασία
Προσήλωση στην επίτευξη στόχων

Η εταιρία προσφέρει:

Εκπαίδευση και καθοδήγηση στον τομέα της διαφήμισης
Απόκτηση επαγγελματικής εμπειρίας
Επαφή με το πραγματικό πεδίο της αγοράς
Ανάπτυξη ηγετικών και οργανωτικών ικανοτήτων
Δυνατότητα εξέλιξης στον οργανισμό
Συμμετοχή στα workshops του citycampus
Ανάπτυξη ομαδικού πνεύματος και δημιουργικότητας
Εξέλιξη στην ιεραρχία


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Σχεδιαστής Μηχανολόγος. Πρέπει να έχει εμπειρία σε 3D σχεδιαστικά προγράμματα όπως Solidworks. Απαραίτητη η καλή γνώση αγγλικής γλώσσας. Προϋπηρεσία 2 ετών

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Αθήνα [Remoundos Glass Works]

ΤΕΧΝΙΤΗΣ τζαμάς, με προϋπηρεσία, αλλά και ανειδίκευτος, ζητείται για εργασία σε βιοτεχνία κρυστάλλων, πλήρης απασχόληση (08:30 - 16:30), αποστολή βιογραφικού στο fax: 210/6452622 ή στο παρακάτω email.

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Θεσσαλονίκη [Autoline SA]

Περιγραφή Ζητείται Web Developer από εμπορική επιχείρηση ειδών αυτοκινήτου AUTOLINE AE στην περιοχή Μενεμένης - Θεσσαλονίκη, για την συντήρηση και ανάπτυξη του ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος. Απαραίτητα Προσόντα • Πολύ καλή γνώση HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript • Γνώση PHP, SQL • Πολύ...

... καλή αντίληψη της έννοιας του responsive και γνώση αντίστοιχων frameworks όπως Bootstrap.
• Εμπειρία στην δημιουργία και συντήρηση ιστοσελίδων με δημοφιλή CMS
• Γνώση SEO
• Ομαδικό πνεύμα, επικοινωνία, υπευθυνότητα, λήψη πρωτοβουλιών
Επιπρόσθετα, θα εκτιμηθεί:
• Αποδεδειγμένη εμπειρία
• Γνώση Prestashop
• Γνωση erp Softone
• Εμπειρία διαχείρισης Cpanel ή Plesk
• Εμπειρία σε άλλα cms που χρησιμοποιούνται για e-shop
• Εμπειρία στο debugging
• Μισθός ανάλογος προσόντων και εμπειρίας
• Ασφάλιση
• Πλήρης απασχόληση
• Προοπτικές προσωπικής ανάπτυξης και επαγγελματικής εξέλιξης
• Bonus με την επίτευξη στόχων


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Πανελλήνια [N/A]

KPMG in Greece offers an exciting opportunity for career growth. You will be joining one of the leading global networks of professional firms, which is well known for the ability and professionalism of its people and the quality of its services.  Due to continued growth of operations, we are seeking to recruit a Training & Development Advisor to join our People Services department. Resourcefully prepare and develop the clients’ proposals on learning...

... events with respect to the global trends and local market needs
Contribute in the design and development of the training content ensuring learning methodologies and interactive methods are up-to-date and customized to the client
Be responsible for the organization process of the learning courses, including the material preparation.
Implement all the necessary administrative tasks ensuring the good function of the department
Effectively establish and sustain successful relationships with clients and respond to their requests 
Participate in the delivery of the trainings 


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Η qmetric - HR Solutions, επιθυμεί να στελεχώσει, για λογαριασμό της Δ.ΓΙΑΝΤΣΗΣ & ΣΙΑ ΣΙΔΗΡΟΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΕΣ Α.Ε., τη θέση του/της Υπεύθυνου/ης Παραγωγής (Τμήμα Κοπής) Η Εταιρία-πελάτης Η εταιρεία Δ.ΓΙΑΝΤΣΗΣ & ΣΙΑ ΣΙΔΗΡΟΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΕΣ Α.Ε. δραστηριοποιείται δυναμικά στο...

... χώρο της Βιομηχανίας Σιδήρου από το 1985. Ο σύγχρονος εξοπλισμός, τα χρόνια εμπειρίας και η υψηλή τεχνογνωσία την έχουν καθιερώσει ως μία από τις πιο αξιόπιστες εταιρείες στον κλάδο των Μεταλλικών Κατασκευών και της Επεξεργασίας Σιδήρου.

Η θέση

Ο/η υποψήφιος/α που θα επιλεγεί, θα είναι υπεύθυνος/η για τον συντονισμό και την υλοποίηση του προγράμματος παραγωγής του Τμήματος Κοπής, με σκοπό την παραγωγή προϊόντων υψηλής ποιότητας. Θα εργάζεται στις ιδιόκτητες εγκαταστάσεις της εταιρείας, στη ΒΙ.ΠΑ. Καλοχωρίου και τα καθήκοντα/αρμοδιότητες του/της θα περιλαμβάνουν:

• Εκτέλεση προγράμματος παραγωγής
• Συντονισμός και επίβλεψη της παραγωγής
• Διαχείριση επικοινωνίας με πελάτες και προμηθευτές
• Μέριμνα για την βέλτιστη διαχείριση και αξιοποίηση πόρων και ανθρώπινου δυναμικού
• Διασφάλιση της απρόσκοπτης και συνεχούς λειτουργίας του εξοπλισμού κοπής
• Άμεση και αποτελεσματική αντιμετώπιση προβλημάτων παραγωγής, όταν προκύπτουν
• Υποβολή προτάσεων για την βελτιστοποίηση της παραγωγικής διαδικασίας.

Το προφίλ σας

Προκειμένου να είστε σε θέση να ανταποκριθείτε στα καθήκοντα της θέσης του/της Υπεύθυνου/ης Παραγωγής (Τμήμα Κοπής) θα πρέπει να διαθέτετε τα ακόλουθα:

• Πτυχίο ΑΕΙ, ΤΕΙ τμήματος Μηχανολόγων Μηχανικών ή Μηχανικών Παραγωγής και Διοίκησης
• Τουλάχιστον 2ετή εμπειρία σε βιομηχανικό ή βιοτεχνικό περιβάλλον. Επιθυμητή η εμπειρία σε τμήμα παραγωγής στον κλάδο των Μεταλλικών κατασκευών και της επεξεργασίας Σιδήρου
• Άριστη γνώση προγραμμάτων σχεδίασης (AutoCAD 2D, Autodesk Inventor 3D ή Solidworks).
• Επιθυμητή εμπειρία στη χρήση software μηχανημάτων κοπών (LANTEK, Metalix, TOPS)
• Άριστη γνώση αγγλικών (προφορική και γραπτή επικοινωνία). Επιθυμητή ή καλή γνώση 2ης ξένης γλώσσας, κατά προτίμηση Ιταλικά ή Γερμανικά
• Ευχέρεια στην επικοινωνία με εσωτερικούς/εξωτερικούς πελάτες και προμηθευτές
• Ικανότητα προγραμματισμού, οργάνωσης και συντονισμού παραγωγής
• Συνέπεια και αξιοπιστία, έμφαση στην έγκαιρη ολοκλήρωση των εργασιών
• Ικανότητα συνεργασίας/ομαδικό πνεύμα
• Έμφαση στη λεπτομέρεια και στην τήρηση κανόνων και διαδικασιών
• Ταχύτητα, ευελιξία και αποτελεσματικότητα
• Ικανότητα έγκαιρου εντοπισμού και αποτελεσματικής επίλυσης προβλημάτων.

Ο πελάτης μας προσφέρει

Εφόσον επιλεγείτε, σας προσφέρονται τα ακόλουθα:
• Ανταγωνιστικές αποδοχές
• Άριστες προοπτικές εξέλιξης σε μία υγιή και αναπτυσσόμενη εταιρεία
• Σταθερό εργασιακό περιβάλλον.


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Αθήνα [Project One]

With experience of 19 years and more than 300 successful implementations, Project One is capable of choosing SAP Business One as the perfect ERP and advanced reporting solution. Furthermore, as the first company worldwide, Project One developed Maritime One, an End-To-End Solution for Maritime Industry based on SAP Business One. Commitment is the connection between our values intentions and our actions. Mission of Project One’s senior team is to provide...

... to Greek and Foreign Companies the appropriate expertise to optimize their operations and ensure them a long-term sustainable growth with SAP Business One.
If you want to join a dynamic and experienced team this position is ideal for you.

• Gain knowledge, as it relates to all business unit processes and functions and the current business environment
• Proactively elicit and collaborate with business unit leaders to document current and future business process and information flow maps and identify and perform root cause analysis of current process and information management inefficiencies
• In partnership with other team members and other teams, lead the development of qualitative and quantitative business cases for process improvements, and automation initiatives
• Present and communicate formal project proposals to management and effectively negotiate support, and business unit consensus, for potential changes
• Generate detailed and clearly defined Business Requirements Documents (BRDs), Functional Requirements Documents (FRDs) and steps required to develop or modify computer programs, including but not limited to, documenting algorithms, identifying logical system architecture, and specifying system interfaces
• Partner with senior managers and other senior business analysts to develop solution alternatives for business requirements
• May lead or mentor a process improvement (PI) team of business analysts, and coordinate the design, development and programming resource personnel through the completion of the project lifecycle
• Develop test plans to facilitate the concept phase for designated IT-enabled initiatives
• Support and oversee User Acceptance Test (UAT) activities through careful evaluation of successes and correction of failures, to ensure quality of the end-user deliverables
• Develop Quality Assurance Plans to set quality parameters and expectations for deliverables
• Practice and foster good working relationships and customer service with all levels of the organization and inter- department personnel
• Develop user guides, provide management training, and provide support for the end-user in the development of new work processes and updated work instructions
• Maintain knowledge of most current information technology application upgrades and system capabilities
• Attend internal department and business partner meetings, as well as company sponsored technology workshops or training, as required
• Manage IT Projects including the generation of a project plan and schedule with Gantt Charts and projects updates for the steering committee

• Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a major in Business Analysis, is preferred or equivalent I.T. or business experience - Business Analysis Certification is a plus
• Strong, proven ability to provide leadership and mentoring to others
• Ability to work collaboratively in a multi-discipline environment
• Excellent conceptual and analytical problem-solving skills, as well as good interpersonal problem-solving with a strong desire for delivering high quality, enterprise technology solutions to internal customers
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Greek and English, including strong questioning and listening skills and ability to look beyond obvious answers to understand the impact across the organization
• Strong ability to easily analyze ambiguous information received, and work through the process of translating the information into relative requirements, to be clearly understood and utilized by developers and programmers
• Analyzing various business operations and needs
• Possessing knowledge of software testing procedures
• Translating business solutions into systems programs
• Writing functional specifications and preparing training materials
• Familiarity with project management processes, such as scheduling and cost management

• Minimum of 3 years demonstrated business requirement analysis experience, with a strong knowledge of the Fundamentals of Business Analysis, information systems and programs
• Successful experience working with multiple business units, environments and processes to design highly usable applications
• Experience in ERP software implementation and business standards development consulting
• Experience with SAP Business One software would be an advantage
• Experience with system development processes and appropriate documentation


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Αθήνα [Project One]

With experience of 19 years and more than 300 successful implementations, Project One is capable of choosing SAP Business One as the perfect ERP and advanced reporting solution. Furthermore, as the first company worldwide, Project One developed Maritime One, an End-To-End Solution for Maritime Industry based on SAP Business One. Commitment is the connection between our values intentions and our actions. Mission of Project One’s senior team is to provide...

... to Greek and Foreign Companies the appropriate expertise to optimize their operations and ensure them a long-term sustainable growth with SAP Business One.
If you want to join a dynamic and experienced team this position is ideal for you.

• Design and develop SAP BUSINESS ONE Add-ons and Crystal Reports
• Maintain and enhance existing SAP BUSINESS ONE Add-on and Customizations
• Work with SAP functional analysts and Operations business analysts to formalize specifications for custom development
• Monitor and maintain test environments
• Design and implement technical solutions for conversions, interfaces, enhancements, reports, forms and work-flows
• Provide technical support for SAP sub-processes/sub-modules supporting corporate clients, including routine systems operation support; diagnose and fix system problems;
• Respond to end-user problems
• Document and perform unit, string, integration, and regression testing in support of new implementations and releases
• Review and Test System Upgrades
• Keep manager or team lead informed of significant cross-team, cross-functional issues and/or significant technical challenges as appropriate. Proactively work to solve these issues while including the key functional and/or business stakeholders
• Provide assistance to out off-site team as needed

• Higher education in Information Technology (IT) or equivalent
• Ability to analyze the data and data structures
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
• Advanced skills with data analysis and problem solving
• Advanced skills and knowledge of technical documentation
• Strong analytical abilities, communication and interpersonal skills
• Strong time management skills, ability to multi-task and work in a team environment
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills with a strong focus on customer facing interaction, customer service, and presentation
• Self-starter with leadership qualities who can work independently and in teams on tasks and projects with limited supervision
• Ability to provide quality business solutions within compressed time-lines and delivery dates
• Previous experience with at least 1 (one) full life-cycle implementation experience
• Desire to learn new modules/sub-modules related SAP technology

• 4+ years working experience using a variety of web development tools, including .NET framework using C#, SQL, JavaScript front end frameworks, HTML5
• Familiarity with source control such as GIT or TFS
• Experience with unit testing
• Working knowledge of Visual Studio
• Experience in SAP Business One or other ERP solutions will be considered an asset
• Expert at database concepts, SQL language and Crystal Reports


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Πανελλήνια [N/A]

Interweave is looking for an Account Manager to oversee a number of accounts. This job involves a high skill of communication management and project management knowledge across both Digital and Traditional projects. Your knowledge of communication strategy is also very important to us.   You will champion the relationship with your clients. Responsible for maintaining and growing the account, partnering with your clients, understanding every need - before...

... it becomes one! You will also be end-to-end responsible in materialising the projects, from client briefing to final deliverable.
At Interweave you will work with a team of inspirational digital strategists, marketers, analysts, copywriters, community managers, designers and developers to build great brand experiences online & offline. And also be part of a complete account professionals team.
You must be able to multi-task and organize multiple peoples’ schedules and understand all aspects of digital communications – content marketing, copy writing, analysis, design & development, to name a few, so that you may comprehend the team’s processes and needs. Adhering to strict deadlines and effectively managing the team’s time-needs, foreseeing roadblocks and managing around delays and schedule conflicts is a must.
We are looking for someone who:

is a passionate person, who loves what he/she does 
has a positive attitude and a problem – solving outlook
is a combination of a thinker and a doer
is team-oriented, works well with others and shares his/her knowledge and expertise
manages teams effectively, motivating and inspiring people to deliver their best, in time
likes to challenge him/herself in order to be better at his/her craft and thus, produce higher quality material
loves technology, and is always up-to-date with the most recent innovations and trends
is honest and fun-loving
shows attention to detail

About Us
We are a fast-growing, awarded, global interactive marketing agency established in February 2013. We are based in London and Athens and we work for brands and companies worldwide. A team comprised of individuals with strong backgrounds and talents in digital communications, performance marketing, digital products design and development, and strategic marketing. We design and build human-centered products. We make brands grow. We create strong brand experiences, empower brand teams and most of all have fun in the process.


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Ioniki Sfoliata SA, which is based in Neohorouda, Thessaloniki due to its expansion is looking for an IT System & Network Administrator to join its energetic and fun IT team. DESCRIPTION To deliver exceptional support services to the IT Manager and his team through the resolution of business processes queries on various platforms, operating systems, mainly software and less technical. MINIMUM SKILLS REQUIREMENTS 1. Degree in Information Technology 2. Fast...

... Thinker and Hard Worker
3. Able to think and produce solutions with minimal managing requirements
4. Ability to work on Software (70%) and Hardware (30%) issues


1. 0-1 years of relevant work experience
2. Skills on Networking will be an asset
3. Ability to grasp new concepts and learn new software applications quickly
4. Ability to solve and/or develop software in order to resolve issues
5. Ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and make them easily understandable
6. Skilled at prioritization and multi-tasking
7. Ability to interact and work with technical programmers/developers as well as business executives
8. Manages Change successfully
9. Strong Analytical skills
10. Excellent verbal and communication skills
11. Ability to work under pressure and strict deadlines


1. Responsible for assisting in all ERP and IT infrastructure related services, including ERP support, all storage and backup infrastructure, desktop hardware, server and desktop operating systems, wireless local area and wide area networks (LAN / WAN), lease lines and database, all telecommunications equipment and the IT helpdesk services support .
2. Maintain network and system security and operation
3. Manage all servers systems and environments (Windows)
4. Install and support LANs, WANs, network segments, Internet and intranet systems
5. Installation and configuration of Software
6. Configuration of interfaces of the system, integration and testing of data links
7. Investigate and troubleshoot issues; provide end-user support
8. Upgrade and configure system per project or operational needs
9. Report of progress of System deployment


• Competitive Salary package 650€ per Month.
• Constant Training and opportunity to get challenged and stretched
• Career Development within the team or the wider business.
• Petrol
• Group private insurance

Please send your CV in English or Greek at the hr@ioniki.gr - nb@ioniki.com .
Please avoid sending Europass CV templates as they won’t be taken into consideration.
Please make sure you tick all the absolute minimum necessary requirements.
Due to large number of applicants ONLY the successful candidates will be contacted.
Thank you for your interest.


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Δήμος Μυκόνου [MYKONOS PEARLS]

Hotel Operations Manager Job Brief: The Hotel Operations’ Manager oversees the entireoperationof the Villas, is in charge of many aspects of thehotel's functions, including Human Resources, Finances, Guest Relations, Sales Reservations, Housekeeping Maintenance. A Hotel Operations’ Managerserves as the right hand to the General manager. Main Responsibilities: Works hand-in-glove with the General manager to execute all his decisions, including business...

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Generation Y – International eBusiness Experts, a well-established and highly successful interactive agency based in Athens, Greece, seeks a Graphic Designer Key Responsibilities Works with digital marketing managers so as to find the best solution to our clients' needs Presents designs to internal stakeholders and explains the reasons behind decisions made Creates newsletters, banners ads, presentations, corporate identity or other relative material Required...

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Πανελλήνια [Company]

Junior IT Support Responsibilities: Support daily issues Provide solutions to users Monitor existing systems; ensure their security (e.g.: access controls, backups and firewalls) Install new hardware and software Participate in relevant internal projects Be a member of an international IT Infrastructure team Skills and Qualifications: Graduate in IT or similar 1-2 years’ relevant experience Knowledge of Networks (LAN, VLAN, WLAN, WAN) Knowledge of Microsoft...

... Operation Systems like Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 Knowledge of Microsoft Applications like Office 2010 and


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I am looking for excellent JavaScript  Engineers (various seniority level, I don't mind) with minimum 2 years of sound experience in JavaScript any JS framework/library TDD. We offer an exciting challenging JavaScript Engineer role ! This opportunity describes you! Benefits: The company offers the following to the JavaScript Engineer: competitive remuneration package flexible working hours work life balance attitude cool cozy workspace interesting colleagues...

... the equipment you need to perform your day to day tasks enjoy your work! the opportunity to work in cutting edge


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Position Title: Project Support Assistant Duty Station: Athens Classification: Ungraded position, attractive remuneration package Type of Appointment: Special short-term contract with possibility of extension Established in 1951, IOM is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is committed to the...

... principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society. As the leading international


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